Our Tartan Ribbon Project involving Community Sewing and Photography groups made possible with a grant from AWARDS FOR ALL

This is our current community educational project, for which we have been awarded a grant from AWARDS FOR ALL, part of THE BIG LOTTERY.

There are two strands to the project, the Sewing Element and the Photography Element which as the course progresses, will merge to create a combined exhibition depicting “Life in Oxgangs”.

The Sewing Project will take the form of two twelve week courses, which we will monitor and evaluate as we progress. During the first six weeks will teach basic hand sewing and machine sewing; mending and altering garments; then progress to making items such as aprons and shopping bags.  During the whole course we will be working towards creating a Community Exhibition in tandem with our Photography Project

The Photography Project will also take the form of two twelve week courses which we will monitor and evaluate continuously. We have attracted several professional photographers and photographic specialist to teach specific skills. In addition to going out on field trips to take photos; the participants will learn how to edit their photos on computer and be given indepth teaching on all aspects of caring for their equipment. Toward the latter end of the courses, we will work together with the Sewing Project to create our “TARTAN RIBBON EXHIBITION”.



  • Hey I’d love to be a part of the photography project, I have a camera but I want to get way better at using it!

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